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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Praying for an Impossible Calling

May I remind you of the incredible opportunity that lies before us?  You are part of a community that God is gathering called Sojourn.  He has placed us in the midst of one of the most exciting seasons in all of redemptive history, setting us in the midst of the nations.  Greensboro?  In the midst of the nations?  Consider this: there are approximately 100 native languages represented in the Guilford County schools. The other evening I stopped in at one of our Sojourner’s homes hosting a dinner for International students.  Their home was filled with students from all over the world including countries completely closed to the gospel.   This morning we are focusing on just one language group—our friends who speak the beautiful language of Spanish.

Hispanics are growing 6 times the rate of the U.S. population as a whole. They will add the largest number of people to the population through the year 2050. America now has the 3rd largest Hispanic population in the world. The birth rate is expected to more than double by 2050 at which time one in three births in this country will be Hispanic.  Hispanic immigration will be the largest contributor to the US population so that by 2050 it is projected that four out of every ten added to this country will be Hispanic. The explosive growth of the Hispanic community poses an enormous opportunity. As Latinos become part of our Sojourn family, we will be enriched by the sharing of culture, gifts and a shared passion for service.  This ministry not only reflects the heritage of this country, but the heart of God.

I continue to pray that God will set before us an impossible calling. One that only He could accomplish—one that only he could get credit for.  What will the early days of Sojourn best be remembered for?   Establishing a nice comfortable church or a community that risked everything for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be used by God to do something that will last for all eternity?   
~ Pastor Jeff