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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jesus vs. Religion: This Sunday at Sojourn Gathered

As we look this Morning at the last section of Colossians two (vs. 16-23), Paul warns us of a most sinister type of enemy that can rob us of the deep joy and peace that is ours in Christ.   Rather then enemies that are inherently bad, these enemies of our faith act like a spiritual vaccine, inoculating the heart.   These enemies are insidious, giving us a false sense that all is well, like the warmth felt by a man freezing to death.  Rather then a sign of life, it is illusion, designed to blind the heart and fool the mind.  The good news?  The same victorious theme woven throughout the versus of Colossians---Jesus.  I encourage you to read Colossians daily during this series and dwell on the truth that our peace and joy in life is directly proportionate to the extent our faith can grasp the full measure of God’s grace through Jesus.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Come Celebrate God with Us!!

If years were Chapters in a book, this week the Sojourn Community will celebrate the end of Chapter two!  The story of Sojourn is about Jesus and a community of people from all walks of life seeking to adjust their lives around His teachings.  We welcome you as you are---there are no prerequisites to being a part of our community.  So learn at your own pace.  Ask questions.  Seek. We believe you will find what you are looking for.  And the amazing thing, as we learn to relate to God, we will change.

We are so thank to you, our friends, who  put wind in our sails and cheer us on!  Any ministry "success" we might enjoy is simply the grace of God working in the midst of imperfect and ordinary people serving a very extraordinary God!