There are lots of ways to change the world--pick one!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Church Inside/Out

Sojourners and Friends:

In a few weeks, Sojourn will celebrate its second year anniversary as a church!  For this reason, we are going to stop and pause for a few weeks to be reminded again, exactly what the church is and how we believe God is leading Sojourn to make a unique kingdom contribution. I encourage you to read through the book of Acts and re-live the birth of the New Testament Church.  The local church is always defined by that which it is committed. 

Here at Sojourn we are committed to being the incarnational presence of Jesus to the world around us.  Our guide is the bible.  Our center is Jesus.  Our ministers are you.  Our goal is to be the revolutionary church that God intended.  What seems radical must become normal. Our desire is to raise our sails and catch the wind of the Holy Spirit that will allow us to become everything God dreams for us.  We want to make God famous in our city and our world!  There are lots of ways to change the world---pick one!

Pastor Jeff